Sunday, May 22, 2011

SBL Volume 1


Friday, July 23, 2010

Vault One

Samplebasedlife by samplebasedlife

Volume One

this will be curated by off balance atlas. all sounds were either made by the artist or sampled from various sources. you know the name of the game. for those who are into making something happen out of it conceptualize a compacted piece of the material that is posted at once you've completed your sonic diamond deliver it to the soundcloud dropbox account listed below. I'm going to just see what happens at first and then get organized about a c-90 tape when it fills up. I am very excited. Let's have fun with sound.
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This is a project that has no borders.
It is a beginning.
The intentions are to share sounds gathered by a single artist and to release the results of other artists eventually on tapes and digital highways.

The curator will change.

The idea will remain the same.
The nature of the artist is to seek new inspiration. 
The collective language of sonic existence is vast and beautiful.

The future is for the making. Viva!
-Skylight Gymnasium.